COMO SL - You're About To Smile

The Super Light System motor gives a natural assist to every ride. Start pedaling and the assist kicks in without knocking you back. Climb every steep hill that comes your way without breaking a sweat and enjoy a motor that will never weigh you down, even when you want to ride with it off.

All of these benefits and more, at a newer, lower price!

  • Quick Stats

    2x You



  • More Riding, Less Maintaining

    No need to mess around with the Como SL—just charge up and it’s ready to ride. The internal gear hub (IGH) keeps the gears housed and sealed inside the rear hub, protecting them even at the most packed bike rack, and the optional Gates belt drive doesn’t need lubrication like a chain does.

    Ultra-bright lights are built in and powered by the internal battery, so you’re always lit.

  • Mission Control

    Connect your bike to your phone to get the most out of your Como SL. Before you take off, enter your ride distance or time into Smart Control and let your bike manage the power output so you never run out of e-assist. You can also diagnose potential service needs, record and share ride info with friends, and even give your bike its own custom name.