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MTN MULLET PV TUBE 27.5/29X2.3-2.6 40MM

MTN MULLET PV TUBE 27.5/29X2.3-2.6 40MM

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One tube to rule them all!

Are you riding a mixed wheel size mullet bike? Can’t decide to bring a 27.5” or 29” spare? Or do you just want to be a trail hero saving others with your versatile tube that fits both 27.5” and 29”? The new MTN MULLET tube takes the guess work out of which size tube you should pack. At the drop of a hat, this tube is ready to take care of business up front or ride the party in the back.

  • For tire size: 27.5/29x2.3-2.6, 58-66x584/622
  • 40mm Presta Valve