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Efficient and strong performance road shoe.

Whether you want to conquer a mountain or undertake a full-throttle sprint to the finish line - every watt counts. The S-Works Ares road shoe has been specially designed to support you even more efficiently in your endeavours.

Proven features like the Body Geometry, an all-new patent-pending closure system, Dyneema® Masterialand an ultra-stiff FACT Powerline™ Carbon outsole prevent foot movement in the shoe, reduce pressure on tendons and provide best comfort and superior power transfer.


Features of the Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoe


Body Geometry Features for more comfort, less injury and better power transfer

Arch support, Varus wedge and personalized insoles with Metatarsal-Button. When used in harmony, these features align the hip, foot and knee while limiting medial/lateral knee movement and maintaining good circulation to the toes.


BOA® Li2 Fit Closure System

Patent-pending closure system adjusts even while riding, protects the foot from extreme movement in the swayback, blocks Metatarsal movement and prevents lateral movement.


Firm hold due to Dyneema® material

The Dyneema® material is sandwiched between a synthetic layer and a layer of TPU to create bombproof areas that still fit your foot comfortably, provide a secure grip and guarantee the proven power transmission.


Optimal power transmission through FACT Powerline and PadLock

With the stiffest (stiffness index: 15) and lightest FACT Powerline™ carbon sole, power transmission is maximized. The weight of the shoe is just 220 g (per shoe, size 42, manufacturer's specification). The power transfer is also optimized by the PadLock heel construction, which securely encloses the heel and improves the kick.

The mountings of the titanium alloy cleats can be shifted to move the cleats backwards by 5mm. A non-slip, replaceable heel profile with inward recessed screws enhances safety. The three-hole plate mount fits all common road pedals.