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Trailblazer MIPS

Trailblazer MIPS

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Released in March 2020, the Trailblazer Mips Helmet is Sweet Protection’s latest take on the ultimate trail helmet. With its trickle-down shell technology based on decades of experience and development, the Trailblazer Mips Helmet provides strength and performance with its unique 4-piece variable shell construction. The helmet introduces an updated design with a contemporary take on the Sweet Protection DNA with a more progressive style. The Trailblazer Mips Helmet is featuring an adjustable visor with a new visor mechanism, very efficient ventilation including the proven STACC ventilation and a completely new Occigrip turn-dial adjustment system. As all Sweet Protection’s helmets, this model is equipped with the Mips technology, a low-friction layer intended to help reduce rotational forces to the head.
  • Enduro and trail specific helmet

  • Superior protection with its 4-piece variable elasticity shell technology

  • Highly ventilated including STACC ventilation

  • Occigrip Turndial

  • Top-of-the-line helmet

  • Mips

  • Purchase includes Comfort Pads in two different thicknesses for ultimate customization and helmet bag