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TUBE 49N STD 26 x 1.50-1.95" S/V40

TUBE 49N STD 26 x 1.50-1.95" S/V40

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  • Our standard butyl innertube with a 0.9mm wall thickness that represents excellent value-for-money and strikes a nice balance between weight and durability

  • S/V Schrader Valve (American Valve) with a 40mm valve length for trouble-free double wall rim compatibility

  • 12" & 14" tubes use angled/shorter valves for improved pump head clearance/accessibility

  • Easily identifiable from the GREEN colour-coded box

  • Automated hot-feed extrusion with hydraulic press-cured vulcanization for consistent, high-quality, reliable construction

  • All tubes are inflated and stored for 24hrs to check for leaks/defects prior to being packaged

  • Low-lead nickel-plated valve with standard removable Schrader valve core

  • Packaged individually (carton/box)